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  • Product Last Updated : 29.06.2022
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MemberPress Downloads Addon

MemberPress Downloads plugin allows you to provide downloadable files for your members. Use the add-on to upload files to your membership site and get a downloadable link. Then track the number of times members download your files while protecting them using MemberPress Rules.

MemberPress Downloads works on almost every web host and most webserver configurations, so there’s no need to run a specific web server or add custom .htaccess rules. If you can upload files to WordPress, you can use MemberPress Downloads. The add-on also creates a unique URL for each uploaded file, enabling protection and tracking.

Learn more about the MemberPress Downloads add-on here.

For quite some time easier Downloadable File management has been one of the most requested features in MemberPress. Today we’re releasing a new Add-On called MemberPress Downloads that does just that!

This simple Add-On will make it possible to easily provide downloadable Files to your members. You can simply upload files to your WordPress website, to provide downloadable links to those files (even images), track the number of times your users download them and will allow you to protect the files using MemberPress Rules!

Now, it is true that you can use MemberPress already to protect standalone files but this feature can be impossible to use with some web servers and/or web server configurations. Plus, it’s not able to track the number of downloads on the files. MemberPress Downloads solves both of these problems.

First of all, MemberPress Downloads should work on almost every web host and most webserver configurations. No need to worry about running a specific webserver or adding custom .htaccess rules or configuring stuff the right way — if you can upload files to WordPress then you can use MemberPress Downloads!

MemberPress Downloads also creates unique URLs to each of your uploaded files which allows them to be protected & tracked.


1.2.4 – 04/07/2022
*Added new Limit Downloads feature
*Fixed sorting of downloads
1.2.3 – 03/17/2022
*Fix for download count
1.2.2 – 03/16/2022
*PHP 8.1 Compatibility Update
1.2.1 – 02/18/2022
*Fixed Error Messages
1.2.0 – 01/13/2022
*Added option to force viewing of files instead of downloading for certain file types.

1.1.6 – 06/24/2021
* Fixed capability issue
1.1.5 – 06/03/2021
* Ensure filename exists before saving
* Added hooks
1.1.4 – 05/05/2021
* Enable Author field for downloads
* Add description field for admins to keep notes
* Fix CPT declaration typo
1.1.3 – 02/10/2021
* Further PHP 8 fixes
* REST API recursion bugfix
1.1.2 – 01/05/2021
* Fixes for PHP 8.0


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